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Welcome > Alpha Systems. William Griffin recruits for the industries represented by the images you see here, including biotech, biopharma, therapeutics, food, drug, ceramics, glass, chemicals, fibers, containers, paper, packaging, plastics, aerospace & aircraft, boilers, industrial construction, architecture, medical devices, steel fab, water and waste treatment plants, machinery, HVAC & Refrigeration, optics, photonics, photovoltaics. solar panels, automation systems & controls, robotics, sensors, instrumentation, & metrology, RF & microcircuits, and all the support roles associated with those industries, esp finance, controllership, operations, sales /marketing, & bus dev, contracts, purchasing, quality, training and HR roles.

Mr. Griffin is a technical recruiter with 47+ years technical recruiting experience,
in dozens of industries from coast to coast. My ONLY phone number is 678 943 2548.

The surest way to reach me is > . I work from home
and am near the phone 24x7 feel free to call me anytime before midnight.
I have voice mail recording.. so feel free to leave a message and phone ?

This career management information is useful to EMPLOYERS
who may learn more about my standards and protocols via this link.

If you have never sent me your resume, send it as lastname.firstname.middleinitial.doc
the industry standard filename for resumes, for cover letters is lastname.firstname.middleinitial.cov.doc
to .

An interesting article.@ Seven tips for hiring older workers !

which could be of notable benefit to many older jobseekers.

You will have to back page to get back to Jobbs .. but learn and enjoy.

You can view OPEN TECHNICAL JOBS sorted by industry in a dozen sectors.

We are in a sellers market. You can tip the scales in your favor by insuring that
your resume and cover letter say what is necessary to sufficiently distinguish
you from all other contenders resumes, & sufficient to motivate the reader to
pick up the phone and speak with you pursuant to an interview, and to do that
before most other contenders for any job.

I am open to any interest by any firm or recruiter who may want to inquire into
acquiring this domain name and website. 678 943 2548 or email me.. Bill Griffin.

I share information on jobs or candidates with about a half dozen recruitment firms, and receive
an average 30 emails per day directly from job seekers who get specs from
my 92 OPT-IN LISTS and from my network, based on my current
tech jobs via detailed job specifications emailed to those affiliates.

U.S. Jobless Recovery ? 25 Unemployment Statistics that show Otherwise..
Very informative, but you'll have to back page to see my jobs.

I have some insights on the " Future of recruiting in this country, and some of what that
" Future may portend I hope you gatekeepers find it informative. Comments welcome.

'How to work with recruiters' ...feel its worth repeating here.
Work with recruiters I hope you find it informative.


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